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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Why Liberty Contractors?

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Different color and types of hard hats hanging up next to each other with various wear and usage.

All construction companies are not created equal.

You might ask yourself - "Why would you start a construction company?"

And you know what? That is a good question.

There are already so many construction companies in Northwest Arkansas. It seems every job site sign next to a construction site and every other white truck on Highway 49 is a different one.

While that may be true, let me give you something to think about.

There are three examples from our recent personal experience that are reasons why we are starting a construction company in Northwest Arkansas.

BONUS: Each one is also an example of what makes us different.

Lets get to it.

Example #1 - Level of professional service.

This story illustrates the importance of having integrity in business and what it means to be a construction professional.

Scott's Story

One of our founders, Scott Hill, looked for a construction company to work on his house addition and remodel.

He searched on Google, browsed social media, and asked around for recommendations.

He contacted a few construction companies in Northwest Arkansas, narrowed it down, and then selected the one with the best looking project pictures and consistent company slogan and branding.

They had good reviews and 4-5 stars in all the important places. He hired them and trusted them with the keys to deliver an expectantly excellent construction process and project.

Then it happened...

Details were missed.

Communication broke down.

Change order after change order.

The project dragged on six months past the expected given date!

He also found out that the foundation waterproofing was not done correctly and if not fixed- mold, mildew and rot would effect his health and cause unsafe structural conditions!

Eventually he had to bring in different subcontractors to finish the job himself. The lack of professionalism and customer care this company showed was a terrible disservice to Scott and his house, he did not want others to suffer the same project outcome that he did.

In our local construction market not only are peoples home projects being handled this way, but so are the commercial construction projects for local businesses that provide the services and social fabric our community relies on.

This was motivation and reason for his partnership with Liberty Contractors.

To provide professional construction services no matter the size of the project to the people and businesses in our community.

Example #2 - Using the latest technology.

Every business in the twenty first century is also a technology company, its wether you realize it or not.

Josh's Experience

Our other founder, Josh Brinker, has experience working on some of the largest commercial construction projects in Northwest Arkansas.

During his time at these firms he saw first hand how technology can greatly impact the construction process and delivery of the project, and the use of these new technologies at these companies is growing, few are quick to fully adopt and learn from them.

For example - Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual design software are just two of these technologies that has taken architectural design to new heights and help provide more complete plans and the ability to deliver more complex projects in a streamlined way. Likewise, new technological hardware such as drones, 360 cameras, augmented reality and virtual reality goggles, and point cloud scanners are new tools in construction companies tool belts.

These are very new tools that most larger and older construction companies are slow to adopt.

Liberty Contractors is not intimidated by these emerging technologies, we embrace and utilize them just as a carpenter uses a saw or hammer.

These are tools that are not just beneficial for the construction company building your project, but ultimately benefit the client and the buildings end user.

We so strongly believe in these technologies we created the Virtual Design Lab division of Liberty Contractors to study, understand, and implement all of these new technologies and stay up to date on what the future holds.

This example of embracing the technology age paired with first commitment to professional service compounds our ability to provide unique construction services to projects of all sizes and to be one of the most technologically advanced construction companies in Northwest Arkansas.

Example #3 - Understanding the whole process.

Construction is just a part of the process, let us help walk you through from beginning to end.

Our First Client Interaction

The last and final example is what excites us the most.

This example was not discovered until a little later when we were able to meet with our very first commercial construction client. This business owner in Northwest Arkansas wanted to renovate an old building right off the highway into a fast casual restaurant with a drive through window.

We were asked to meet on site and look at the existing building and to provide a price to perform the renovations necessary to help them build their dream into a reality.

When we arrived we were surprised to hear the owner did not have any architectural drawings or plans, yet she had received four different bids from two different contractors in the area.

You should be asking yourself - why two bids from each contractor?

Well, without plans to estimate the project cost the other two construction companies gave bids for the work. When the owner realized they did not have everything necessary included and asked questions, both contractors changed their price. (Hint-it wasn't cheaper)

We were surprised to find this is a common practice for smaller construction companies in Northwest Arkansas. This is and is not good practice and bad business!

Here is where The Liberty Difference come in:

  1. We realized the basic scope of work the owner wanted.
  2. We engaged an architecture firm to provide a preliminary estimate to provide full architectural design and engineering services.
  3. We met with the client again and helped walk her through the entire commercial construction process.


Even if you have never been involved in construction.

Even if you have done thousands of construction projects.

Even if you're just about to start your next construction project.

You deserve to work with a professionals.

Working with Liberty Contractors, you and your project will be treated with utmost care to ensure your success.

We build your dreams into reality!


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